Calm Down Queen!

with theme music by BeBe Huxley and Megalo

We are Two Drag Queens

We've been "friends" for a few years, and every time we get together (for shame spirals, hair braiding and mutual masturbation) we have just the best time in the world, and we can't stop laughing.  Being good Christians we thought we'd do some charity work and share our specialness with you.  Since it's radio you won't be able to see our beauty, but we will do our best to post photos every week so you know that we are as gorgeous as we say we are.





Sue is best described as the village idiot. With an amazing ability to paint the same exact face everytime and wear the same exact wig, her look is...welll....recognizable. She is a hostess of the weekly Monster Show at the Edge Bar in San Francisco, and Miss Trannyshack 2013.

photo by: Joe Arenaz



Vivvy is the hostess and co-founder of weekly drag show club SOME THING at the Stud bar in San Francisco. Her intense awkwardness is matched only by her desire for you to like her.  Known for her emcee-ing and her "artistic" "looks" Vivvy has hosted the Castro Street Fair as well as Folsom Street Fair.