Calm Down Queen!

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Hello dear fans- all three of you. Calm Down Queen is back from a brief hiatus!

Sue Casa and Vivvy are committed to bringing you some week old news on the state of drag, advice for our horny listeners, and guests talking about shit. 

We love you

Episode 30 - God's Penis

We are joined by Big Dipper. This epic hangout became an episode when the mic was turned on. Dipper's voice is hoarse from an epic performance with the band COMMANDO, and you can hear us eat the whole time, bc we are profesh.

Episode 17 Part I

Hello lovely CQ-s! This week we had such a good interview and conversation about bodies, touching and Beyonce with Kitty Von Quim and Dottie Lux that we had to split the episode into two parts. In Part I we go over Sue Let the Dogs Out, our weekly photo challenge, and What's Vivvy Reading.